The following terms and conditions are between NetworkG Partners Ltd T/A Hirehelp.co.nz (hereinafter referred to as “the Supplier”) and it’s client (hereinafter referred to as “the Hirer”) and apply to the Hirer engaging the services of a member of the Supplier’s work force (hereinafter called “Temporary worker”). The following terms and conditions represent the entirety of the agreement between the Supplier and the Hirer.


Engagement of Temporary workers by the Hirer shall be deemed an acceptance of the following terms and conditions.


Fees and Charges


The Hirer shall pay the Supplier the hourly labour rate as well as any other agreed expenses OR the Hirer shall pay the supplier a fixed sum where the supplier has made a fixed cost quote. 


The Hirer acknowledges that the Supplier fees are payable within 7 days of receipt of invoice. 


The Hirer acknowledges that the Hirer will be responsible for all the debt collection as well as legal costs in addition to an overdue fee calculated at the rate of 2.00% per month, should the Hirer fail to pay the Supplier by the due date mentioned on the invoice. 


Health and Safety 


The Hirer acknowledges their obligations towards all concerned in carrying out the work in a safe manner. The Hirer undertakes to include any personnel from the supplier in their H&S programme and / Or 


The Hirer aknowledges the Health and Safety programme of the supplier and extend all coperation to the supplier in maintaing a safe workplace. The Hirer futher acknowleges that the supplier has the right to refuse to do any piece of work OR to do any piece of work in a particular manner on the basis of Health & Safety practice or concern. 


The Hirer shall take part (wherever required) in the site induction and other Health and Safety related programme run by the supplier in accordance with their health and safety guidelines.  



Limitation of Liability 


The Suppliers liability will be limited to $ 50 or the cost of hire of labour for the day whichever sum is lower, for any loss, expense, damage or cost as a result of the engagement of the Temporary worker howsoever arising.


All Property Services - Heat Pump, Ventilation system, Interior exterior painting, decks and fencing, hardwood floor, engineered timber floors, carpet laying, property maintenance & handyman jobs, water blasting, house wash,  plumbing and electrician.